Sarasota’s Pink Gem — The Ringling Museum

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The large, pink, sprawling, gem of a building on the waterfront of Sarasota always draws an eye. Those who haven’t been there may not understand the hype, and those are the people who need to visit the Ringling Museum. Right now.

Take a date, take a sister, go alone. Just go.

John Ringling was one of the five brothers who owned and ran the circus called “The Greatest Show on Earth.” According to The Ringling’s website, the wealthy entrepreneur bought the waterfront land in Sarasota in 1911. He and his wife became active in, what was then, a small community, and before long owned more than 25 percent of Sarasota.

In the Roaring 20’s, John Ringling, who was estimated to be worth almost $200 million, began to travel America and Europe and started collecting, according to The Ringling’s website. His collection became extensive, and Ringling opened the Museum of Art to the public in 1931. Which is really good news for us! Because now, you can see beautiful art and on the same day see circus memorabilia.

The museum is an attraction for everyone of all ages. This is not the average museum. While you do get to walk around and look at beautiful paintings, there’s always a unique event happening, like the Pathless Woods exhibit. It’s an interactive exhibit where you walk through a colorful forest of ribbons.

The events and programs are always changing, so you can go all different times of the years and always see something new and interesting. A list of the current programs and events can be found here.

So check it out and have fun! The ribbon thing ends early May. Don’t miss it!





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