Multi-Generational Homes are designed to allow families of multiple generations to live together under one roof, sharing in household expenses and management, while allowing each generation private living space. This concept is rapidly growing in America, and home builders have adapted their floorplans to accomodate families with these needs. Here are just some of the benefits of multi-generational living:

1. Economically Efficient

In a multi-gen home, families can share expenses and responsibilities. Utilities, insurance, and even the mortgage payments can be divided allowing each generation to live in a quality environment for much less than they could do so on their own. And, if there are young children - daycare and baby-sitting costs can be eliminated.

2. Strengthen Family Ties

In a multi-generational home, relatives can spend time together every day without having to travel to see each other. Children can create lifetime memories with their grandparents as they grow up, and the grandparents will cherish the time watching their grandchildren grow. Parents of grown children who move back will get to know their children as adults, and help them make smart decisions to live their lives to the fullest.

3. Privacy for All

Having family next door is very convenient, but without the right floorplan, too many heads under one roof can be stressful. That problem is eliminated with a multi-generational home where everyone has their own space, including in many cases, suites with their own kitchenette's and separate entrances.

4. Safety

Multi-generational homes can serve as an excellent alternative to assisted living facilities for aging parents, while keeping them safe from communicable disease and viruses. And, should a health emergency arrive, you will have the peace-of-mind of knowing that they will get immediate assistance from a familiar face.

5. Increased Home Value

With more and more families choosing multi-generational living, homes that have a functional layout - like a separate living quarters, are in high demand. These features will add to the value of your home, especially as multi-generational living continues to grow. The added space, luxury and privacy will be very attractive to buyers should you decide to sell your home in the future.

6. Child Care

With a multi-generational home, you'll have space for live-in child care which will give your family extra flexibility and convenience. Whether your parents are watching your children while you work, or you have a live-in nanny, these designs offer a great option to meet your family's needs.

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