Home Staging

Have you ever walked into a model home and been dazzled by the decorating and furnishing? That is the power of professional home staging. We offer home staging as part of our listing services. It has been proven that staged homes sell faster, and for a higher price than non-staged homes.  There are two types of staging - physical where furniture is placed in your home, and virtual where furniture is electronically placed within the photographs.

Physical Staging

PhysicalStaging where interior designers provide furniture, artwork and nic-naks to emphasize the features and design of your home - and in many cases make it look like the model home that you see at new home builder sites.  Physical staging provides the "wow" factor to both on-line and in-person home tours.  With physical staging, the furniture is usually rented for two months with the professional design, delivery, placement and removal of the furniture included in the rental fee.  In most cases, the home is sold within this time period.  If more time is needed, then a month-to-month rental fee would be charged. Here's some examples:

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is where furniture and decorations are electronically (virtually) placed within the photos of your home. No furniture is actually placed in your home. On-line visitors get the "wow" factor when looking at your home on-line - and that often translates into in-person showing activity.

Why Stage?

Staged homes sell 70% FASTER than unstaged homes

On average, staged homes sell for MORE MONEY 

Staging costs SUBSTANTIALLY LESS than a price drop!


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